The Rama Tree Creative Team

CALLEY O'NEILL, Artist, Creative Director, A highly respected Big Island conservation artist/designer, muralist, and educator, Calley holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree summa cum laude from Pratt Institute, NY, and earned a Master's Degree in Social Ecology from Goddard College, Vermont,.  

Calley is also well known for her unique interspecies project, The Rama Exhibition, A Journey of Art and Soul for the Earth currently on display at NOAA's Mokupāpapa Discovery Center in HIlo, UH Manoa's Campus Center Mural, Waikoloa Kings Shops murals, Kipapa (Oahu) and Pukalani (Maui) Elementary School murals, and many more works throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

JULIA FAIRCHILD, Calley's Assistant

Julia Fairchild is the web weaver, research and administrative assistant, official seamstress, Calley's right hand, co-pilot, and more.  Mother to four sons, four grandchildren, and various 'borrowed' grandchildren for whom she cares, Julia remains young at heart.

Julia earned a B.A. in Psychology from Antioch University in 1998.  Now, a sensitive and self-taught web designer, Julia is intent on helping creative people with big dreams move their ideas out into the world.

LAMAR YOAKUM, Stained Glass Artisan is a ‘salt-of-the-Earth’ kind of guy.  Lamar is highly capable in all areas of his trade, from amazing pattern sensitivity to cutting, grinding and carefully fitting each individual piece of their huge stained  glass puzzles with mindful skill and integrity.  

A jack-of-all-trades, Lamar has been Calley’s constant assistant is all things practical and creative.  Adding his 40 years of stained glass experience to that of Calley’s 30+ years, together they make a winning team leading the edge in stained glass windows and mosaics.

BEVERLY ARNTZEN, Stained Glass Assistant
Beverly is a registered nurse, respiratory therapist, midwife, race car driver, sailor, equestrian, and mother of two sons, whom she raised alone as a Vietnam War widow.  During her work with the State of Hawai'i, History and Humanities, Beverly helped produce Hawaiian Cultural programs for the local schools, initiated Captain Cook celebrations, and directed art exchanges between student artists of Australia and Hawaii.   

Working with Lamar, Beverly's acute eye and skillful fingers are invaluable in placing each piece of cut and ground glass in place, juxtaposing it perfectly with other pieces of the puzzle to create a flawless fit in preparation for grout.

NANCY ERGER, Photographer    For the past 23 years, Nancy has worked as a location scout /manager and production coordinator for the film industry on all our Hawaiian Islands. and is an active volunteer involved in numerous organizations in the community.  Nancy has a passion for Na Mea Hawai`i. (all things Hawaiian)
Nancy is deeply involved in the culture and is the perfect choice for photographic support as we gather reference photographs of our kupuna and various elements to be represented in the mural design.

ANDREW HARA, Photographer, Non-Profit Marketing, 
Andrew's photography is relentless in the pursuit of capturing distinctive images of planet Earth. Marked by a strong play of forces between environment and human-made structures, his work is grounded in beauty and yet inextricably linked to the contemporary influences of technology. 

Hara is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he earned a photography and digital imaging degree, with honors, in 2009.  After architectural, forensic and fine-art photography work with mainland business, government agencies, and the American Institute of Architecture, he returned home to Hawaii Island to reconnect with his birthplace and to apply his education and expertise to serve the arts and progressive sciences, including environmental conservation and sustainability.

CHRIS SPRINGER,  Mosaic and Tile Setter Born and raised in Hilo and filled with aloha, Journeyman CHRIS SPRINGER has been a marble mason, granite and tile professional for fifteen years. Chris studied the trade in Las Vegas in 2002, and has a wealth of diverse experience in certified specification work, public art installation, granite and marble fabrication, tile setting, concrete and pool work, and glass tile, block, and mosaic work in numerous commercial, public art and residential projects.

Chris and his colleague, Jeremiah, expertly set all the glass pieces for Kipapa and the Path of Light, as well as the Pukalani mural.   

JEREMIAH WISE, Mosaic and Tile Setter was born and raised on the Big Island. He is a Journeyman for the Mason Union, and earned his degree from Hawaii Community College. An outstanding craftsman, he also radiates aloha in his very being.

Aside from being a pleasure to work with, Chris and Jeremiah bring a wealth of expertise to the meticulous thin-setting installation and durability of our murals.

We feel privileged to be, as Jeremiah assures us, "rollin' with the kanaka now!" 

ISAAC HOMZA, Stone and Tile Setter is the owner and lead installer for Higher Standard Tile and Stone.   He has been installing tile and stone since 1990. He got his start in NYC working on large commercial projects and also high-end installations for residential customers. He has spent a large portion of his time volunteering on projects that benefit the local community and in training ones that want to learn the tile trade. 

He has extensive technical training provided by Laticrete, Schluter, TEC, NTCA, TCNA, ANSI, and the John Bridge Tile Forum. He stays up to date on the latest installation methods but he also has years of experience to know what leads to a lasting installation. He has worked with and learned techniques from experienced tile and stone professionals from Hawai’i, all parts of the US; and from Canada and Europe. 

The Rama Tree Administrative Team

AARON ACKERMAN brings 15 years of Regenerative Architectural Design experience to Bowers + Kubota, an architectural, construction and project management company in Honolulu.  Aaron earned a BS in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture from UC Boulder.  As Sustainability Team Leader at B+K, he directs the LEED Certification program, meeting LEED standards while maximizing functionality and efficiency within the built environment.  

TOBY DONNER, who is based in Seattle, has a passion for nature and making a difference in this world with her skills.  

At this time, because of the success of The Rama Exhibition and Calley’s highly public Kona Airport mural commission, Toby feels this is the time for her to get involved and bring forth a higher level of awareness and support for nature through this art. Toby  has a long term and broad range of experience in philanthropic giving with family foundations.  Her background is in education and communications. Toby has a BA in Social Work UCLA and a MA in Education from USC.

RICHIE GOLDMAN was co-founder of Men's Wearhouse.  He is widely recognized as its marketing mastermind, from his insistence on TV as its main form of advertising as far back as 1975, to his careful nurturing of the brand as the company expanded around the country.  In January, 2009, Richie released his book, Luck by Design, Certain Success in an Uncertain World.  The book was praised by educators, authors, and reviewers.  It won "Best General Non-Fiction" at the San Franisco Book Festival in 2009 and was a Finalist in the Self-Help/Motivational category at the National Best Books, 2009.  Richie graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in English.

GREGORY D. HENDRICKSON'S law practice focuses on family business planning, land conservation, and charitable giving.   Prior to opening his own law offices, he was Special Council with the law firm of Coblentz, Patch, Duffy and Bass, and projects manager for the Pacific Forest Trust. In these positions he was involved in conserving well over 150,000 acres of critical managed landscapes in California and Hawaii.  Advising both land owners and land trusts on conservation approaches for real property, Greg negotiates transactions, analyzes income, gift, and estate tax consequences of complex transactions, and consults with governmental and private citizen stakeholders on achieving ecological goals and environmental values through limited development projects.   Greg has participated in the preparation of transactional contracts for environmentally-based commodities, advised on legislative proposals for reforming national natural resource tax policy, evaluated estate dispositions and trust provisions, and developed and implemented litigation strategy defending transferred conservation assets.

NORMA ROSENTHAL, Owner of Norma Rosenthal Public Relations, LLC, specializes in promotion, marketing, event planning, relationship building, social media, business and community development.  Norma founded the Washington State Chapter of the American Institute of Wine and Food.  She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and is honored to be a member of the worldwide invitational Les Dames D’Escoffier, a culinary leadership organization of women who have achieved success in their profession and contribute significantly to their communities 

JOHN TUTTLE, E.A. (a federally authorized tax practitioner empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury) President of Tuttle Financial Services, Inc., member of NAEA and NATP, John is a highly respected, well known accountant in Kona, and has been serving Hawai’i since 1981, with accounting services for individuals, companies of all sizes, and non-profit organizations.  John has been Calley's trusted accountant for over 30 years.  We are thrilled to have John on The Rama Tree team as Project Fund Manager for the Kona Airport mural project, directing The Rama Tree’s financial accountability.  Since he is no longer taking new clients, we feel doubly blessed to have John on our team.